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Mumbai Waste Management Ltd is providing service for Bio Medical Waste Collection, Transportation & Disposal since 2003 in Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Rasayani areas on daily basis. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporations along with Pollution Control Board have appreciated our efforts of managing the Bio-medical waste.

MWML has client base of about 1900 Bio-medical waste generators and the waste is collected on daily basis from all of them through 10 No’s of dedicated vehicles. Vehicles equipped with electronics weighing, bar code reading facility and GPS. The entire operation of recording of waste is automated and manual interference is avoided in total operations.

Our facility is equipped with Incineration Systems with equipments like Primery Combustion Chamber with Temp. range of 800oC to 850oC, Secondary Combustion Chamber with Temp. range of 1050oC to 1100oC, Ventury Scrubber, Spray Quencher, ID Fan & 30 mtrs. Chimney, Autoclave, Shredder, Gas Monitoring Device, Effluent Treatment Plant and Computerisation.
  • MWML has the consent issued by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.
  • MWML has Agreement with Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for collection, Transportation & Disposal of Bio Medical Waste.
  • MWML have Barcoding system to maintain the record of Bags sale with barcode stickers, Waste receipt HCE wise, Waste disposal batch wise.
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Bio Medical Division Bio Medical Division Bio Medical Division

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